We're on a mission to reform tuition standards. In a nutshell we work with individuals as well as tuition agencies and educational recruitment companies to introduce quality assurance in an otherwise unregulated industry
Our training is akin to a pocket-sized PGCE designed specifically for tutors, used as part of an induction process for new tutors or as continued professional development for experienced tutors
The Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET' is recognised, endorsed and quality assured by Training Qualifications UK, who are OFQUAL regulated. Following on from this training is the Certificate of Certified Tutor Status (CTS). This is an evidence based route for tutors. 
"Evidence indicates that tuition is most effective when tutors are provided with training" - National Tutoring Programme


Level 3 Award in Tutor Training

This course is designed to teach the fundamental skills that underpin all great educators. 'PRESET' stands for Psychological Research, Executive Skill & Educational Techniques - we also have a fourth module on Good Practice, but we couldn't fit that bit into the acronym!

  • Self-guided online training: Guided learning hours of 6-8hrs
  • Assessment: The online training consists of four embedded assessments
  • Suitability: This training should be used as continued professional development for experienced tutors or as part of an induction process for new tutors. 
  • Progression opportunities: The Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET' is the pathway to Achieving Certified Tutor Status (CTS)


Bespoke Workshops & Training for Agencies 

We adapt and tailor our approach to your agency's training needs. Anything from group workshops, 1-2-1 guidance, bespoke resource development and exclusive portals for agencies to host all their existing agency handbooks and documentation.

  • Workshop plans from £60/hr. These can be short informal overview sessions for your tutors or guided in-depth workshops. 
  • Discounted training options for your tutors.
  • Resource development plans. We can develop resources based on your training needs specifically for your agency. 
  • 1-2-1 Tutor Guidance & Support from £30/hr.
  • Community Areas for your agency & Portal plans.

Achieving Certified Tutor Status 

On completion of the L3 Training, tutors can apply for Certified Tutor Status (CTS). An individual awarded with CTS is able to demonstrate a good understanding of both the theoretical concepts of tuition as well as the practical aspects. 

They are committed to upholding and maintaining high standards of tuition and adhere to the roles and responsibilities in accordance with the Myelin Academia Tutoring Standard (MATS).


Reforming Tutoring Standards

Myelin Academia empowers tutors with the skills to teach their specialism with confidence and prepare students for life beyond the challenges of education. When word of mouth isn’t available, clients and agencies can trust that a tutor has the necessary training to develop learners with lifelong transferrable skillsets. 

Online Platform

Developed to be completed online, you have the flexibility to train from anywhere, at any time, on any device, with unlimited access to your course materials


Recognised Centre for Learning

This means our courses conform to high standards in developing educational expertise & quality assurance. We are recognised by Training Qualifications UK for providing beneficial learning experiences

Verify Authenticity of Certification

As our courses are endorsed by an awarding organisation, we can verify the authenticity of any of our user's certificates in a centralised system



Addressing the need for standards as part of entry-level reform by creating a new framework for tutors

These standards have been developed by Myelin Academia in response to the unregulated nature of the tuition industry. As it stands there are no formal, consistent or standardised requirements for tutors to work within. This document provides a new framework for tutors & outlines their roles & responsibilities.  

The Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET' & Achieving Certified Tutor Status presents an opportunity for tutors to develop & demonstrate these standards, either on entry to the profession or as part of continued professional development.


Let's talk numbers

We are proud to set precedence in the industry as the first tutor training to be recognised by an awarding organisation


 When it comes to user satisfaction 95% of users would recommend our Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET' and believe it has made them better prepared for tutoring


100% of users with a PGCE would recommend our Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET'

Support Manuals 

Our training courses include workbooks to guide the application of the content to a tutor's specialism, toolkits that provide intervention methods, as well as complementary 'How to Guides' in areas of good practice. 


Identifying Barriers to Learning & Managing Problem Behaviour

Our user feedback indicates that one of our most helpful training units has been on identifying barriers to learning and managing problem behaviour, which is why we have created this free resource

If you have been told by a parent 'they just don't get it', or had this thought yourself, this booklet will help you to demystify the common misconceptions made about students, identify what the root causes are, and intervention strategies to support learners.

A free guide for parents, homeschoolers & tutors



Achieving Certified Tutor Status (CTS) & 'PRESET' Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory

Myelin Academia courses are endorsed by an awarding organisation, which means our training and as on organisation we have been through a much rigorous quality assurance process.

We are subject to annual internal and external quality assurance inspections by Training Qualifications UK to ensure our courses conform to high standards of educational expertise. TQUK are regulated by OFQUAL. 

This course is self-guided however the guided learning hours for Level 3 in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET' are set at 6-8 hours.

All tutors aspiring to achieve CTS will need to complete the following steps: 

1. Tutor Training
Complete the Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET'

2. Tutoring in-situ
Conduct a minimum of 5 hours tutoring a client

3. Client Feedback
Obtain a student evaluation & testimonial from the client

4. Evidence Portfolio
Submit lesson plans for these sessions as well as the option to submit a completed Tutor Workbook from the Level 3 Award in Tutor Training Theory 'PRESET'

5. Professional requirements & continued development
Provide evidence of a current DBS & feedback on a CPD event that has contributed to subject specialism or wider tuition practice

We offer 1-2-1 workshop support at any point through the training. This can be to answer any queries, assist you with your application for Certified Tutor Status or to problem solve your tuition strategy with a challenging client.  

You can purchase workshop support & guidance here or from the store titled 'Tutor Training Courses'.

Our trainings are suitable for independent tutors who work through word-of-mouth as well as those who are registered with agencies. 

If you successfully refer us to your agency, we offer a 5% finders fee on purchases made within the first 3 months.

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Beyond our Level 3 Award in Tutor Training 'PRESET', which is our initial training, broaden your ability to tutor in more specific areas. We have a number of courses in development designed to up-skill you in a variety of specialisms including our Special Educational Needs Training & Subject Specific Guides. 

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"I liked that all of the course was geared towards practicality. All of the psychological research and teaching theory was closely followed by how one would use it when tutoring"

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