Whether you are new to tutoring or an experienced tutoring guru, these courses are designed to continue and support your professional development


Myelin Academia

Level 1 Award in ‘PRESET’ Tutor Training

Myelin Academia is the original tutor training provider and only Centre able to award Certified Tutor Status, recognised as a benchmark of quality assurance by awarding training organisation Training Qualifications UK. 

We empower tutors with the skills to teach their specialism with confidence and prepare students for life beyond the challenges of education. When word of mouth isn’t available, clients and agencies can trust that a tutor with Certified Tutor Status has the necessary training to develop learners with lifelong transferrable skillsets.

"Evidence indicates that tuition is most effective when tutors are provided with training" – National Tutoring Programme

Online Platform

Developed to be completed online, you have the flexibility to train from anywhere, at any time, on any device, with unlimited access to your course materials


Recognised Centre for Learning

This means our courses conform to high standards in developing educational expertise & quality assurance. We are recognised by Training Qualifications UK for providing beneficial learning experiences

Verify Authenticity of Certification

As our courses are endorsed by an awarding body, we can verify the authenticity of any of our user's certificate in a centralised system


 Certified Tutor Status TM

'PRESET' Tutor Training Course 

This course is designed to teach the fundamental skills that underpin all great educators, drawing upon psychological research and pedagogical techniques. 

We believe you are the master of your subject field, we are here to help you become the best teacher of it.


  • PRESET is a 6-8 hr course self-guided course, with four in-built assessments.
  • This is followed by 5 practical hours in-situ, arranged by one of our Affiliate Agencies 

Unlimited access to programme resources. Our skill-based approach to tutoring means our 'PRESET' course is applicable to tutoring learners of all ages, in any subject. This course is designed to help you optimise your potential as a tutor, suitable for new and experience tutors. 


'PRESET' Certified Tutor Status FAQs

Myelin Academia courses are endorsed by an awarding organisation, instead of offering CPD points. 

Most importantly, this means we can verify the authenticity of a tutor's certification. As a recognised Centre for Learning, we are subject to internal and external quality assurance inspections by Training Qualifications UK to ensure our courses conform to high  standards of educational expertise.

In contrast, most other training providers offer CPD points. There is no centralised system or awarding body to verify or authenticate CPD points, rather it is the responsibility of the individual to track and record them accurately and honestly. 

As such, this gives greater credibility to our courses. 

Certification is a 2 STEP process:

  1. THEORY (between 6-8 hrs) There are 4 assessed units in the course. You are required to pass each of these in order to be eligible for a certificate. Therefore, we urge you to read and digest the material in the pages that precede these. 
  2. PRACTISE (5 hrs) On successful completion of all four assessments students are required to undertake five hours of tuition with a client in order to be eligible for your certificate. This is to provide you with an opportunity to implement your newly acquired skill in a real-life setting. These hours will be logged by your agency and fed back to Myelin Academia. Once we have confirmation of these hours from your tuition agency, it will trigger your certificate to be generated from our awarding body.

PRESET online training is self-guided and designed to take between 6-8hrs, PLUS and additional 5hrs of practical work with a client. In total, this equates to 11-13 hrs.

If you are affiliated with an agency: If you are training through an agency, they will arrange this when they receive your course confirmation email. 

If you are unaffiliated with an agency: If you are unaffiliated with an agency, we can put you in touch with one who will help find you a client and confirm your practical hours. Please notify us that you are an unaffiliated tutor by emailing us at [email protected] so we can put you in touch with an agency, or alternatively get in touch with one of our affiliate agencies.

As part of our go-green initiative, our default setting it to provide e-certificates, which will be emailed to you. However, you can request a hardcopy if you prefer and this will be sent by post to the address you provided when creating your login. 

PRESET is assessed using multiple choice questions. There are four e-assessments which correspond to the four topics of the course. Assessments have been designed to adhere with the principles of VACSR in the sense they are valid, authentic, current, sufficient, and reliable.

"I liked that all of the course was geared towards practicality. All of the psychological research and teaching theory was closely followed by how one would use it when tutoring"

T.C (new to tutoring)

Key benefits of our training courses

Our training is robust and underpinned by educational literature, academic journals and psychological research papers. As such, it boasts number of benefits to tutors, agencies and clients.



Better ranking – Improve your ranking within the agency for future job selection

Tricks of the trade – Refresh your theory and tuition toolkit to problem-solve and provide lifelong skills tailored to the needs of your learners

Confidence – Training refreshes key and valuable skills, increasing confidence and competence in these vital areas. You can refer back to the platform at any point for guidance. As new, relevant courses and guides are developed they will be added in your portal

CPD – Reminder that school INSET happens roughly 4x per school year and tutors should be looking to remain active in seeking CPD of their own, this course is designed to be a method for continuing this professional development

Auto-enrollment – Begin immediately or in a timeframe that works around you

Nationally Recognised Course –Official certification from TQUK




Named Affiliate Agencies – As an agency who provides training through Myelin Academia your agency will be listed on our website as a trusted training provider. We are proud to represent you in the same way that you represent us

Grow your tutor database – We need Named Agency Affiliates who are quality assured agencies to provide practical training for our unaffiliated tutors. This is an opportunity for you to accrue these tutors and grow your networks

More power to grow your business – Offsetting the majority of your induction and training liberates your staff to manage your clients and grow your business

Increased revenue for agency  – Take pride and promote that your tutors are put through rigorous training to equip them to deliver high quality services. The better your tutors, the more repeat custom and increased revenue for your agency and loyalty from your clients




Verify if a tutor holds Certified Tutor Status – Both TQUK and Myelin Academia can verify the authenticity of an individual's certification, so you can be sure your tutor is skilled and certified

Value for money – You are paying a premium for additional support, this way you know your tutor has been trained to implement the appropriate strategies to support your child

Positive experience – A tutor with Certified Tutor Status is able to be responsive and adapt to the needs of your child, so their learning is one less thing for you to worry about

Student-centred life-long skills for learners – Our student-centred techniques encourage teaching in a manner that fosters lifelong skills to equip learners beyond the immediate context of learning as well as developing independence, so whilst your child is getter better at essays, they're also becoming more prepared for life ahead of them

Special Educational Needs Training & Continued Professional Development

Beyond 'PRESET', our initial training, broaden your ability to tutor in more specific areas. We have a number of courses in development designed to up-skill you in a variety of specialisms.

If you want to be the first to hear about them when they are ready or be eligible for a discount, leave your email by signing up below. 

Bespoke Training Packages for Agencies 


We adapt and tailor our approach to your agency's training needs. Anything from group workshops, 1-2-1 guidance, bespoke resource development and exclusive portals for agencies to host all their existing agency handbooks and documentation.

  • Workshop plans
  • Portal plans
  • Resource development plans
  • 1-2-1 Guidance

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