Affiliate Agencies 

If you're looking for high-quality trained tutors, below is a list of our Affiliate Agencies who are able to put you in touch with tutors who hold Certified Tutor Status

Quality Assured

We conduct annual quality assurance check to ensure these agencies adhere to our quality compliance procedures

Certified Tutor Status

These named agencies are the only ones who are able to put you in touch with a tutor who holds Certified Tutor Status 

Closed Loop Service 

For independent tutors, these agencies will pair you with a client to conduct your practical training with as required for your certification

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We are committed to arranging top class tuition for your child that is delivered by the real expert - teachers.

Our teachers come from leading Universities and top Teacher Training Institutions in the UK. We handpick our teachers for their excellent teaching skills which means they can quickly establish your child's optimum learning style and employ a range of specific techniques to achieve maximum results, whether this be to assist with a particular SEN or to improve revision strategies


We believe that there is more to education than league tables and public exam results. Our approach takes a long term view. Choice of school and university must be tailored to the individual and his or her particular interests and strengths. A happy child is one who will fulfil his or her potential. 

Our agency is unique among the London agencies as we were founded by parents so have the inside perspective on schools


Tailored education in Monaco. We take a broad, holistic view of education that considers the academic, personal and family context of each student.

We provide:

  • Personalised academic strategies to fulfil the potential of our students
  • High-quality educators to implement our strategies
  • Oversight and regular discussion to refine the process


Our team is committed to improving the confidence and self-esteem of our students, as well as delivering excellent academic results.

It is our belief that while attaining top grades is important in today’s highly competitive world, tutoring should be about much more than that. We place a high value on building the confidence and self-esteem of our students, and on promoting inquisitive and independent thinking across all areas of life.


For parents who wish for nothing but the best possible education for their children. Through our international consultancy and private tuition, we offer bespoke assistance to help students of all ages.

Our child-centred approach means we focus on the needs of each individual, with programmes tailored to reflect everyone's unique requirements and circumstances on every step of the education journey. 


We are an educational service provider, registered with OFSTED, that provides exceptional tutoring through an experience tailored to your needs.

Our goal has been to aid learners in their homework and high-quality tutoring, based on the UK national curriculum, to bring out the best in the learners, which encourages learners to build their confidence and be high performers in their academics


The UK's leading online and in-person tuition provider.

We provide first-class private tuition delivered by expert tutors and qualified teachers. We cover all academic subjects, at all levels. 

We work with a select group of expert tutors, we’re meticulous in our tutor matching process and we provide regular feedback and reporting to ensure each student succeeds.