A New Framework for Tutors: Tutoring Standards

These standards were developed by Myelin Academia in April of 2021 in response to the unregulated nature of the tuition industry. As it stands there are still no formal, consistent or standardised requirements for tutors to work within. This document provides a new framework for tutors & outlines their roles & responsibilities. 

This blog covers: 

  • The role of the tutor: promote students independence by targeting key principles that lead to effective tuition, adapt to the learner with a bespoke approach & provide a safe, positive environment to learn in
  • The responsibility of the tutor: act with integrity, professionalism & provide specialist educational support 


Entry Level Reform
The tuition industry is one of the most rewarding industries to work in. It attracts a wide range of professionals and specialists, part-timers & graduates. With a starting hourly rate almost 3x that of the hospitality sector tuition is an...

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'The Changing Face of Tuition': Research Analysis of Tutor Training

Our founder Leona Potter recently presented at this year's National Tutor's Conference, 'The Changing Face fo Tuition', hosted by The Tutor's Association, sharing industry insights and research on tutor training.

This blog covers: 

  • Tutor training: Research findings on the Demand, Access, Impact, Value & Content
  • Steps towards entry-level reform: A change from within 

Research findings on the Demand, Access, Impact, Value & Content

At the last Conference in 2019, the President’s closing speech concluded that the government were pushing for greater standardisation and regulation. Since then two independent companies have launched, dedicated solely to tutor training, emerging with recognised training programmes both approved by awarding organisations.

The goal is to bring quality assurance to the forefront of the industry
and offer better support for tutors

Recognising the need for better transparency and the demand for a more...

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Tutor Training & Reforming Tutoring Standards

Written for The Tutor's Association. Myelin Academia is an Affiliate Partner and TTA Blog Contributor. 

This blog covers: 

  • Moving to a merit-based market: Identifying high-quality tutors 
  • Tuition Partners: Tuition is most effective when tutors are provided with training 
  • A paradigm shift & the call for reformResearch findings indicate early training is paramount & 'PRESET’ Tutor Training is highly valued by users 
Original TTA publication here (28 July 2021). 
Advice, Face to Face Tutoring, National Tutoring Programme, Online Tutoring, Professional Tutoring, Training, Tutor, Tutoring
Tutoring is one of the most rewarding and sustainable professions. It’s a change from the regular 9 to 5, you are constantly problem-solving and adapting to each students’ unique set of needs in creative ways. It can provide stable income, gives you the feel-good factor, as well as the...
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Everything you need to know about 7+ Entrance Exams

Entrance exams can be a real source of stress for students and parents so we have demystified this process for the 7+ entrance exams, so you know what to expect and how best to prepare. 


This blog covers: 

  • What is the 7+: Who takes it and why
  • What exactly will be assessed? What subject are covered inc the interview
  • When will I hear if my child will be successful? A brief timeline 
  • How can I prepare my child for the exam? A holistic view of assessment
  • 7+ Resources: Wicked Smart levelled exam papers


 What is it?

If you are looking for your child to gain entry into one of the top prep schools in London, the chances are that you are going to have to prepare for the 7+ exam. The exam period normally runs from November to January and is for Year 2 pupils who are looking to join the school in Year 3.

The exam itself is highly competitive - often with hundreds of students applying for around 20 or so places - and the contents of the exam...

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What affects learning & How to meet the needs of individual learners?


A Training Workshop with CCCU


We were invited by Canterbury Christ Church University to host a bespoke workshop for their PGCE course on inclusion, differentiation and methods to achieving these. By this point in their PGCE, trainee teachers had completed their first micro-teach and were preparing for upcoming school placements. 


This blog covers:

  • Differentiation & Inclusion: What are they?
  • Differentiation techniques: Methods of achieving differentiation in your lessons 
  • The student state: How to prepare your student for learning 



Differentiation refers to teaching the same content using a variety of instructional and scaffolding techniques, based on the individual ability of each student in the class. This applies to all students, regardless if they have any additional SEND requirements.

Grouping mixed ability learners...

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Pupil Premium Funding



In light of the National Tutoring Programme making tutoring partners available in schools, we spoke with Tutors Green whose bread and butter is placing tutors in school to try and make first-class tuition accessible to more students. The majority of their work is funded by Pupil Premium – this funding can now be used by schools to access subsidised tuition through the recently launched National Tutoring Programme.

This blog covers: 

  • What is Pupil Premium funding: Who is eligible?
  • Contributing factors to the attainment gap: Limited access to recourses 
  • Tuition for all rather than a select few: Making high quality tuition accessible for all 
  • Key principles of high quality tuition: Words from Tutors Green



Pupil premium refers to a grant made available from the Government in attempt to decrease the attainment gap in children who are at a disadvantage...

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Lockdown 2.0: Making 'work from home' work for you


Written for The Tutor's Association. Myelin Academia is an Affiliate Partner and TTA Blog Contributor. 

This blog covers: 

  • Globalisation: What it's meant for online tutoring
  • Lockdown 1.0: What did we learn from it, and what can we do better? 
  • Safeguarding: To record or not to record?
  • E-safety Checklist: A guide of safe practice for tutoring online 
Original TTA publication here (04 November 2020). 
Coronavirus, COVID-19, Online Tutoring, Private Tutoring, Professional Tutoring, Safeguarding, Safety, Support, Training, Tutor, Tutoring, Tutor training

As we sit on the brink of Lockdown 2.0 we stare down the barrel once again of working from home. This time let’s make ‘work from home’ work for us!



Traditionally, tuition has provided a bespoke face-to-face service. But...

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Tutoring in Schools



For too long now the teaching and tutoring sector have been two distinct, separate industries, which have attracted friction between one another. The National Tutoring Programme offers the opportunity to redefine tutoring standards and refocus on communication working with schools, not against them.

The NTP Tuition Partners pillar calls for tutors to support and participate with a large numbers of schools. For this to be an effective and smooth partnership, communication with school colleagues is going be vital. "School liaison will be a critical part of any tutoring model" - NTP

This blog covers: 

  • Teaching vs Tutoring: What are the differences?
  • The importance of colleagues: A Who's Who? of important school personnel, including school policy and procedure that will impact your planning and teaching
  • Policy & Procedures: Which are the most helpful documents? An overview of schemes of work, marking...
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Tutoring in a Post COVID World


In summary, the disruption caused by COVID-19 has lead to wide-level disruption across all industries, including education. It has further exacerbated the attainment gap between children from disadvantaged and affluent backgrounds.

As such, the Government has allocated £350million to 'provide additional support to schools to help disadvantaged pupils whose education has been most affected by school closures' in an initiative called the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) 

Their NTP 'Tuition Partners' means recruiting tutors as part of a public service to improve access to subsided high-quality tutoring for disadvantaged pupils, including those eligible for Pupil Premium funding, in State-maintained primary and secondary schools in England.

This blog covers: 

  • NTP criteria: Requirements for Tuition Partners 
  • 121 tuition vs small groups: A comparison of differences
  • Online vs face to face tuition: The pros...
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