Tutor Training & Reforming Tutoring Standards

Written for The Tutor's Association. Myelin Academia is an Affiliate Partner and TTA Blog Contributor. 

This blog covers: 

  • Moving to a merit-based market: Identifying high-quality tutors 
  • Tuition Partners: Tuition is most effective when tutors are provided with training 
  • A paradigm shift & the call for reformResearch findings indicate early training is paramount & 'PRESET’ Tutor Training is highly valued by users 
Original TTA publication here (28 July 2021). 
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Tutoring is one of the most rewarding and sustainable professions. It’s a change from the regular 9 to 5, you are constantly problem-solving and adapting to each students’ unique set of needs in creative ways. It can provide stable income, gives you the feel-good factor, as well as the...
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