What's the difference between this course and other training providers?

Myelin Academia's courses are a certified training, approved and endorsed by an awarding training body TQUK who are OFQUAL regulated. In contrast to other training providers this means our courses offer more credibility compared to ones that are CPD accredited. Most importantly, this means we can verify the authenticity of a tutor's certification. As a recognised Centre for Learning, we are subject to internal and external quality assurance inspections by our awarding body to make sure our courses conform to high standards of educational expertise.

As such, this gives greater credibility to our courses. Learn more about the difference between an awarding body and an accrediting body in terms of quality assurance and rigour in our About Us page.

What is the process to achieving 'Certified Tutor Status TM’?

Certification is a 2 STEP process:

  1. THEORY (between 6-8 hrs) There are 4 assessed units in the course. You are required to pass each of these in order to be eligible for a certificate. Therefore, we urge you to read and digest the material in the pages that precede these. 
  2. PRACTISE (5 hrs) On successful completion of all four assessments students are required to undertake five hours of tuition with a client in order to be eligible for your certificate. This is to provide you with an opportunity to implement your newly acquired skill in a real-life setting. These hours will be logged by your agency and fed back to Myelin Academia. Once we have confirmation of these hours from your tuition agency, it will trigger your certificate to be generated from our awarding body.

How long does the PRESET Tutor Training course take to complete?
PRESET online training is self-guided and designed to take between 6-8hrs, PLUS and additional 5hrs of practical work with a client. In total, this equates to 11-13 hrs.

 How do I arrange my practical hours?

  • Affiliated with an agency: If you are training through an agency, they will arrange this when they receive your course confirmation email.
  • Unaffiliated with an agency: If you are unaffiliated with an agency, we can put you in touch with one who will help find you a client and confirm your practical hours. Please notify us that you are an unaffiliated tutor by emailing us at [email protected] so we can put you in touch with an agency.

 Where will my certificate be sent?
As part of our go-green initiative, our default setting it to provide e-certificates, which will be emailed to you. However, you can request a hardcopy if you prefer and this will be sent by post to the address you provided when creating your login.  

How is PRESET Tutor Training theory assessed?
PRESET is assessed using multiple choice questions. There are four e-assessments which correspond to the four topics of the course. Assessments have been designed to adhere with the principles of VACSR in the sense they are valid, authentic, current, sufficient, and reliable.

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