About Us

We are about quality and rigour 

We live for that ‘A-ha!’ moment in our student’s progress. We want to transform the lives of learners by training tutors about best practices and all the trade secrets there are. By introducing the concept of a Certified Tutor Status, we aim to become an industry benchmark. We aspire to make the tuition industry a more quality assured and transparent place.

As the first competency training in the tutoring industry, our mission is to set high tuition standards and introduce quality assurance within the industry. We believe good tutors make the difference in inspiring learners. 

We take pride in our methods being rigorously underpinned by psychological research and educational theory, as well as being transferable to all subjects and ages, so the tools learnt can be adapted to a wide range of demographics. 

  • Agency incentives: Confident and highly-skilled tutors create a positive learning experience for their clients, which is more likely to generate repeat custom and loyalty from through word-of-mouth business.
  • Client incentives: Being able to assure your tutors are trained is a bonus to the client. Our student-centred techniques encourage teaching in a manner that fosters lifelong skills, to equip learners beyond the immediate context of learning, as well as developing independence.
  • More resources to grow your business: Offsetting the majority of your induction and training liberates your staff to manage your clients and get back to growing your business.
  • Induction: Myelin Academia provides a standardised training procedure which can be used as an induction process for all of your new recruits. Tutors can focus on the areas they need to develop in their own time, from anywhere, on any device.
  • CPD: Our training is suitable as part of ongoing CPD for existing tutors to support their professional development, helping them to improve upon their knowledge and understanding of what creates a high-quality teaching and learning environment.

We want tutors to become the best at teaching their subject, learning how to inspire students with their knowledge and helping to foster independent and confident learners.



About our awarding body 

We aim to provide transparency in everything we do. We are proud to provide courses that are endorsed by Training Qualifications UK who are OFQUAL regulated.

To make sure we continue to provide a high-quality service for our staff and our learners, we are subject to comprehensive annual internal and external quality assurance checks. All of our staff are trained to a minimum of a qualified Assessment Moderator or an Internal Quality Assurer. We are established as a Centre for Learning (TQUK centre number: C001292). With this in mind, the table below outlines the key features of why our courses offer more credibility compared to ones that are CPD accredited.



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